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loi monuments historiques

The law of tax exemption on the loi monuments historiques exists since nearly 100 years. This tax exemption law aims to promote the maintenance and restoration of properties classified as Historical Monuments or registered in the Supplementary Inventory of Historic Monuments. The investment in law Historical Monuments 2018 is to acquire a property requiring major restoration work. The costs of restoration and maintenance of the property Monuments Historiques, as well as interest on loans related to the acquisition of land and works are deductible 100% of property income. The deficit generated is deductible from total income, without any cap. Since January 1, 2009, the law of tax exemption on Historical Monuments in 2018 requires the owner to keep the property for 15 years. In addition, after entering into an agreement with the State, the donation or transfer of this patrimony is exempt from inheritance tax. Investments in the 2018 Historic Monuments Act concern taxpayers who are heavily taxed and who are looking to invest in real estate in the city center while effectively reducing their taxation.

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